1. Vidya Pratishthan is a prestigious educational Institution and has done noble service in tackling a Herculean task.How the Institution has outshone itself is,mentioned in this historical overview.

2. Vidya Pratishthan was established on 16th October 1972.The Hon. Shri. Sharadchandra G. Pawar thought of and planned for a well equipped modern English Medium School at Baramati, with the help of the Government and notable citizens. He was of the view that if the students from the rural areas have to prove themselves then they must be educated in English. He felt that the students are intelligent, well conversant in their subject matter,but cannot express themselves in competitive examinations due to the lack of proficiency in English. He discussed the matter with several prominent citizens from in and around Baramati. The first meeting took place at the Late Shri Vinodkumar Gujar’s house at Kacheri Road. Mr. Vinodkumar Gujar was the then President of Baramati Muncipal Council.A few well-known citizens were also present for that meeting and they univocally approved the idea. The mother institute was to be named “Vidya Pratishthan” and a trust was to be formed. The Executive Council consisted of :
1) President : Hon.Shri Sharadchandra G. Pawar
2) Vice President : Hon.Adv.Ashok Vasudeo Prabhune
3) Treasurer : Hon.Shri.Yegundra Shrinivas Pawar
4) Secretary : Hon.Adv. Nilima Vinodkumar Gujar
5) Trustee : Hon. Shri Ajitrao Anantrao Pawar
6) Trustee : Hon.Sou. Supriya Sadanand Sule
7) Trustee : Hon. Sou. Sunetra Ajit Pawar
8) Trustee : Hon. Shri. Vitthaldas B. Maniar
9) Member : Hon. Shri. Balasaheb Patil Taware
10) Member : Hon.Dr. Rajiv Motilal Shah
11) Member : Hon. Shri. Kiran Babanrao Gujar
12) Member : Hon. Shri. Mandar Shrikant Sikachi
3. The following institutional heads were also accommodated as members of the Executive Council: The Chairmen and Executive Directors of the Malegaon Cooperative Sugar Factory (Shivnagar) and Shri Chatrapati Cooperative Sugar Factory (Bhavaninagar). The Chairman of the Krushi Utpanna Bazar Samiti Baramati, and the President of the Baramati Nagar Parishad.

4. In 1972 Maharashtra experienced a severe drought. The Institution as its social responsibility decided to provide Free food to all the students of the affected areas of Baramati Taluka.
5. Bal VikasMandir School-1972 Hon. Shri Sharadrao Pawar presented the proposal for starting an English Medium School before the members of the Executive Council. It was decided that the said school would be run by Maharashtra Education Society Pune and the draft of the contract was placed before the Executive Council. As per the draft contract the construction of the said School building was to be undertaken by Vidya Pratishthan and that the school would be run by Maharashtra Education Society Pune. Thus Bal Vikas Mandir was born in 1972.

6. As per the contract Maharashtra Education Society was to educate the students from Std. IV onwards. However MES was unable to do the needful. Vidya Pratishthan took over this responsibility for which respected Late B.G. Ghare sir, provided the necessary and able guidance. He put in 12 years of dedicated service for Bal Vikas Mandir in an honorary capacity. Due to his efforts and contribution the first batch of Std. 10th successfully achieved 100% results in the SSC Examination of March 1984. An ICSE Section affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi was started in 1989 and the first Batch of students passed out in 1994 with cent percent pass results.

7. Boys’ and Ladies’ Hostels at Pune: After completing the SSC Examination the students from Baramati would obtain admission in various educational institutes in Pune. However they had accommodation problems. Hon. Shri Sharad Pawar put forth a proposal before the Executive Council to construct hostels in Pune which was accepted by the Executive Council. Two separately Furnished and well equipped hostels were constructed. The “Baramati Hostel for Boys’ at Gokhale Nagar” and the “Ladies’ Hostel at Karve Nagar”. Hon. Shri Morarji Desai laid the foundation stone of the Boys’ Hostel on 21.04.1974. The Girls’ Hostel was named “Sharada Niketan Ladies Hostel”. It was inaugurated by the then Governor of Maharashtra, Shri P.C.Alexander on 16.07.1993.

8. Spread of Education Institutions: Due to establishment of MIDC in Baramati, the town witnessed an unprecedented growth. An educational centre comprising various faculties was needed. Hon Shri Sharad Pawar put forth a proposal for an Educational Centre. Architect Engineer Shri Shrikant Sikachi prepared the plan accordingly and the construction of Arts, Science and Commerce College commenced. A CBSE English Medium School was also started on the demand of the officers serving at the MIDC who hailed from different states of India. The said School was established in 1993. The Government of Maharashtra gave the Society permission to start a College of Education (B.Ed College) on permanent non-grant basis in 1990. Due to lack of infrastructure it was housed in Bal Vikas Mandir for three years.

9. The Institute of Information Technology and College of Engineering was established in 2000. The School of Biotechnology in 2001. All the colleges are affiliated to the University of Pune. Presently VidyaPratishthan runs the following Schools and Colleges apart from those that have been mentioned above:
1. VidyaPratishthan’s Vinod Kumar Gujar Bal VikasMandir, Baramati 1972
2. VidyaPratishthan’s College of Education 1990
3. VidyaPratishthan’s Marathi Medium School- Pre- Primary 1992
4. VidyaPratishthan’s Marathi Medium School-Primary 1992
5. VidyaPratishthan’s Marathi Medium School- Secondary 1992
6. VidyaPratishthan’s English Medium School (CBSE) 1993
7. VidyaPratishthan’s Arts, Science & Commerce College 1994
8. VidyaPratishthan’s Vasantrao Pawar Law College 1999
9. VidyaPratishthan’s English Medium School (BILT Branch), Bhigwan 1999
10. VidyaPratishthan’s Institute of Information Technology 2000
11. VidyaPratishthan’s College of Engineering 2000
12. VidyaPratishthan’s School of Biotechnology 2001
13. VidyaPratishthan’s Magarpatta City Public School, Pune (ICSE) 2002
14. VidyaPratishthan’s New English Medium School (SSCE) 2004
15. VidyaPratishthan’s Adhyapak Vidyalay (D.Ed. College) 2004
16. VidyaPratishthan’s Vocational Training Centre, Baramati 2004
17. VidyaPratishthan’s New Bal Vikas Mandir (Pimpli) (SSCE) 2005
18. VidyaPratishthan’s Kastruba Gandhi BalikaVidyalay, Talasari 2006
19. VidyaPratishthan’s Indapur English Medium School(SSCE) 2006
20. VidyaPratishthan’s Someshwar English Medium School (SSCE) 2007
21. VidyaPratishthan’s Bhor English Medium School(SSCE) 2007
22. VidyaPratishthan’s Vasantrao Pawar Vidyalay, DeulgaonRasal 2007
23. VidyaPratishthan’s Saraswati Sangeet Vidyalay 2007
24. VidyaPratishthan’s Polytechnic College, Indapur 2008
25. VidyaPratishthan’s Commerce & Science College, Indapur 2008
26. VidyaPratishthan’s School of Architecture, Vidyanagari, Baramati 2010
27. VidyaPratishthan’s Nanded City Public School, Pune (ICSE) 2013
VidyanagariIndapur, houses a Polytechnic, English Medium School, Commerce and Science College, Principal and Staff quarters, Boys’ and Girls’ Hostels, Commercial Complex and a mess for the staff and students. The Indapur campus occupies 60 acres of land and it took 18 years for its completion.

10. The Vidyanagari Complex at Baramati occupies 125 acres it has 6 Ladies’ and 3 Boys’ Hostels. The hostels are safe, well equipped and homely. The parents are assured about their wards’ safety. Vidyanagari, Baramati also houses two buildings for CBSE schools, Gymnasia for boys and girls. Graded Quarters for all the members of the Staff. A unique modern auditorium with a seating capacity of 2500, named Ga.Di.Ma. in the memory of the great Marathi literati Shree Ga Di Madgulkar. 11. The Vidyanagari Complex is beautifully landscaped. It houses the Central Administrative Building, Banks, Vasundhar FM Radio Station, a commercial Complex, and three large playgrounds. A huge Library with 65,870 books spread over three halls caters to the needs of 1000 students at a time. One hall contains books received as gifts by Hon. Shri. Sharad Pawar. An Independent museum showcases the gifts, felicitation awards and artifacts presented to Shri. Pawarsaheb. It is open for general public free of cost.

12. 25,000 students are receiving education at various educational units of Vidya Pratishthan. They are ably supported by 1400 teaching and 600 non teaching staff. Vidya Pratishthan does not take any donation for admissions and its employees are paid according to Latest Government Pay Commission. The Principals are given full freedom to administer their Institutions. Vidya Pratishthan Baramati has an excellent track record and is known for its excellence not only in Maharashtra but throughout India.

13. The Institute is deeply indebted to Shri. B.G. Ghare and Shri. T.T.Burrows who inculcated a strong educational culture in the students which helped them to be good human beings and active citizens. The institute will always be obliged to Hon. Sharadrao Pawar as it is his ‘Brain Child’. It was impossible to take the institution to these heights without Pawarsaheb’s active support & persona. Hon. Shri. Ajit dada Pawar- Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra has always given us immediate, effective and unconditional support. He conducts regular meeting with the Heads of all Vidya Pratishthan Institutions to review the progress and development of each unit.

14. All the schools of Vidya Pratishthan have a record of 100% pass results in the Std. X Board Examinations. The number of students passing with distinction is increasing each year. Our students have been successful as IAS officers, Military Officers, Doctors and Engineers. Many of them are doing well abroad especially in USA and W.Europe. All this is due to quality education imparted to them by Vidya Pratishthan.

15. The Institute cherishes an ardent hope to achieve many other high goals in the coming future and for which it prays for support from one and all. D.R.Unde Secretary, Vidya Pratishthan, Baramati 413133 (Translated from Marathi by Advocate A. V. Prabhune, Vice President, Vidya Pratishthan, Baramati 413133)