Parents are requested to set a good example to the students by not smoking or chewing tobacco/pan in the School Premises. Parents are not to spit or throw litter in the School Campus.
Parents are to park their two wheelers or four wheelers in the specified area for parking.
School starts at 9.30 am. Please see that your child reaches School at 9.15 am. Coming late for School causes unnecessary inconvenience and disturbance. It is also a fact that children who do not progress well in school are those who are not punctual or irregular in attendance.
Parents of K.G. and Primary Children who do not personally bring their children to School are to ensure that the Child is promptly escorted to School before 9.15 am & after over.
Our teachers are duty bound to coach weak students and the school conducts Special Classes for them before or after School. Our teachers are NOT permitted to engage our own students for Private Tuitions.
Damage caused to School property, movable or immovable will have to be made good by the parents. Students guilty of wilfully or regularly damaging School property will have to leave the School.
Girls are not permitted to wear jewellery or ornaments. Students are forbidden to bring cell phones, video games, MP3's etc. to School. Such items if found with the child in the School premises will be confiscated till the end of the Term..
Parents are requested to provide the children the simple nutritious home made food. Do not encourage your child to eat fast food or junk food. Simple Vegetarian Home-made Food is preferred.
Sweets and Presents are not to be distributed by the parents in the School for the Child's birthday.